There are number of reasons why one should come and shoot in Greece. Parthenon, the Acropolis, Santorini’s astonishing sunset and volcano or why not shoot on one of the 6000 islands! Greece bid farewell to the 20th century with Hollywood classics and Oscar-winning films such as Zorba the Greek, Guns of Navarone, America America and welcomed the 21st century with academy award movies such as Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, The Bourne Identity, Mamma Mia!, Before Midnight, The Two Faces of January, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Triangle of Sadness and many more.

Locations in Greece

From snowy mountains to tropical beaches, from natural sceneries, seascapes, and urban landscapes, to abandoned industrial buildings – the location options are countless. In Greece you’ll also find classical monuments to 1000 year old Byzantine Christian monasteries, abandoned locations, heritage sites, hot springs canyons, dams, volcanoes and more!

Greece is the new Cinecitta allowing an eight – hour shooting during winter and twelve hours during summer. With more than 250 sunshine days and low annual rainfall and unparalleled Greek light for cinematographers, Greece is the optimal filming destination.

To get an idea of what Greek locations can look like, have a look here.

Crew & Gear

Due to many productions by Hollywood and European filmmakers and producers, a new breed of English-speaking Greek professionals arose. You can find dedicated and experienced professionals covering all your needs from equipment rental services (full camera packages, light, and sound) to drone operators, fixers and field producers as well as state-of-the-art recording studios and post-production film editing companies. And most importantly, all of them, at reasonable costs. 

Permits & Cash Rebate

Clearly, Greece has changed its filming and permit policies. It only takes up to two weeks for a professional fixer or producer to get the job done.

The implementation of the Cash Rebate program was probably the most decisive step towards attracting investments through the production of films, TV series documentaries animations, and even digital games in Greece. From September 2018 until recently, the rebate amounted to 35% of the eligible expenses incurred in Greece. The updated legislation raises the cash rebate to 40%, provides a more flexible floor for TV series (€15,000-€25,000 per episode), a new minimum for digital games (€30,000), and includes documentaries (€60,000), short films with a minimum of €60,000 while the minimum of eligible expenses for feature films remains at €100,000. The maximum amount of cash rebate an investment plan can receive is €12 million. 


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